Museo del Merletto

Lace Museum

FLORA VIALE. Sacred fragments

The exhibition

Sacred fragments

From May 18th 2013 to January 5th 2014
Museo del Merletto, Burano

The antique art of lace, almost exclusively a feminine one and still closely tied today to the customs and history of the island of Burano, continues to fascinate and influence artists.

One such is Flore Viale, an Italo-American artist who, elaborating the problems posed by her sensitivity and perception, produces a series of “fragments” charged with meanings and queries for which she seeks answers. It is what these fragments represent that is perhaps the fulcrum of her creative work, counterbalanced by a process of ‘problem-solving’ stimulating an intense flow of intuitions, proposals and scenarios. Are they perhaps “relics” of use, experience or creations – from which emerges a sense of beauty, but also of suffering, slavery, refinement, preciousness, devotion or decoration – or are they simply “art” to be worn, as was the case in the past? A cura di Flora Viale Coordinamento Chiara Squarcina