Museo del Merletto

Lace Museum


The exhibition

Fractal lace

From May 9th to November 23rd, 2014
Museo del Merletto, Burano

extended until April 30th, 2015

The haunting landscape of the “barene”, the characteristic squared-off areas characterising the Venetian lagoon, has inspired artist Maria Grazia Rosin, a Venetian by adoption who has seen an interesting similarity between their grid-like patternand specific naturalistic expression and the skilled lacework typicalof Burano.

Through this work, the artist offers a fresh reflection drawing inspiration from the possible aesthetic comparisons possible between two “situations” – one creative, the other environmental – which share the same structural fragility, which forms the focal point of this artistic analysis.
The result is a work-in progress installation appearing as a texture with fractal motifs, or forms that develop with constant graphic characters towards infinity, creating ever-new volumes.

This environmental art project was presented at the Beyond mystical landscape exhibition (June – August 2013) on the island and mudflats to the west of San Francesco del Deserto (curated by Simonetta Gorreri, art director of ARTLIFE for the World), as part of the institutional initiatives of the MiBACT and promoted by the Architecture and contemporary arts service of the Direzione Generale PaBAAC, on the occasion of the 55th Venice art Biennale of 2013.

Realised in collaboration with master lace-worker Sandra Mavaracchio, the Merletto Frattale – Fractal Lace now arrives at the Museo del Merletto at Burano. Here, in an organic context examining the work of Maria Grazia Rosin, visitors will be able to explore the complexity of the analogies and interactions between art and environment that inspired the piece.

Curated by Chiara Squarcina
In collaboration with Artlife for the World
Artisan lacemaker Sandra Mavaracchio


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